I avoid natural flavor in foods as I have a problem with wheat. so my margaritas are simple really.  I like them on the rocks so I pour the following over a glass of ice:

1 shot tequila ( I like Patron)
juice of 1 lime
apple juice

I’m looking for more margarita recipes.

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This Ginger Lemonade recipe is from Carla Hall on The Chew.  It has a bite to it.  Not a sweet drink for the kids.  In fact you’ll have some adults wanting to water it down! Ginger Simple Syrup: 3/4 cup … Continue reading

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Final Day of Henry Glass Blog Hop

Here are the final two designers participating in the Blog Hop with Henry Glass.  Thank You for all the wonderful feedback.  I am so glad you are enjoying the Blog Hop.  This blogging is a fun thing and I have so many things to tell you about….. and what’s nice is I can get some feedback.  Like if I’m wondering which pattern quilters would prefer, bet I can count on getting some opinions from you.

I’ll put my Romance fabric line on this blog so you can see all of the fabrics.  Any new Willowberry lines will be featured as they are introduced to the market.

Have Fun!!!



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Sweet Romance (update)

Hey Kiddos or should I say Quilters ~ Finally catching up with the patterns for the two blog hops.  “Jumping into the fire”, that’s how I like to do things ;-}  So, having never blogged before, I decided if I was part of two blog hops, I would have to learn how to do it!  And guess what….. I’m learning,  but I have been behind.  Since I’ve been busy working on the pattern, I haven’t been able to respond to comments yet = :o{

Here is the yardage & fabric info, plus directions for the Sweet Romance quilt.

The Directions for the Sweet Romance Block are in:

Vol. #4 of Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks ~ Block # 351

Sweet Romance

56″ x 68″

The directions on my blog are for joining 20 blocks & adding the borders.

WillowBerry Lane Fabrics with Henry Glass & Yardage:

cream & red print – 5700-88…………………….1-1/4 yards

cream print – 5697-2…………………………………1-3/4 yards

light green tone-on-tone – 5695-66…………..1/4 yard

dark green tone-on-tone – 5700-66…………..1/8 yard

brown print – 5702-33……………………………….1 yard

tan floral – 5694-32……………………………………1 yard

red tone-on-tone – 5700-88………………………3/4 yard

bias binding (cream & red print)……………….1/2 yard

*backing………………….4 yards

*For the backing – choose one of the fabrics used in the quilt.  When you sew a beautiful quilt, the back is just as important as the front.  Believe me, I still regret using a poor quality fabric on one of the first quilts I created :-{


Make 20 Sweet Romance blocks (directions found in Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks Vol. 4)

1- Arrange blocks into 5 rows of 4 blocks each and join to create body of quilt.

2- Cut the following to piece the border corners ~ Make 4:

~ tan floral ~ (4)  3-1/4 ” squares (you may want to fussy-cut these)

~ dark green tone-on-tone ~ (4)  1-1/2″ squares (sew diagonally to    corner of tan floral square to create a triangle)

~ cream print ~ (4) 1-1/4″ x 3-1/4″  (sew to upper edge of tan floral)

~ (4) 1-1/4″ x 4″ (sew to left edge of tan floral)

3- Cut the following strips to piece the borders:

~ cream & red ~ (14)  2″ x width of fabric

~ red tone-on-tone ~ (7)  1″ x width of fabric

Trim selvages from all strips.

4- Piece the borders:

Join a cream & red strip to both sides of each red strip to create a border unit.

Piece 2 border units to make a long enough border for the side of the quilt.  Make 2

Trim to correct length.

Piece 1-1/2 border units to make a long enough border for the top or bottom of the   quilt.          Make 2

Trim to correct length.

Join a border corner  to each end of the top and bottom border units placing the green triangles to the inside corner (the corner that will point to the quilt body).

First sew side borders to quilt, then the top and bottom borders with the corner units.

Your Sweet Romance quilt top if finished.  Layer with backing and batting, quilt, bind and enjoy your quilt by using it or giving it to someone in your life.

…….and HAVE FUN!

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Designers for November 17th

  Christmas Bouquet Basket QUILT BLOCK with DIRECTIONS are on the Previous Post


Henry Glass has the BEST !

Designers for November 17th

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Christmas Basket Bouquet Pattern & More Henry Glass Designers


14″ Block

Use this Basket Bouquet alone for a Table Center, Placemats, or Pillow.

Make several blocks joined together for any quilt size you prefer.


~ FABRICS are from my ROMANCE Collection with Henry Glass ~


Fabric #1  ~ Background (lavender 5697-5 ; red 5697-2)

1-A    (1)  2-7/8″ square

1-B   (1)  2-1/2″ square

1-C   (2)  2-1/2″ x 8-1/2″

1-D   (2)  1-1/2″ x 4-1/2″

1-E   (2)  1-1/2″ x 3-1/2″

1-F   (16)  1-1/2″ x 2-1/2″

1-G   (13)  1-1/2″ squares

Fabric #2 ~ Dark lavender (5700-55)   Dark Red (5700-88)

2-A   (4)  2-7/8″ squares

2-B   (2)  2-1/2″ squares

2-C   (1)  1-1/2″ x 4-1/2″

2-D   (1)  1-1/2″ x 3-1/2″

2-E   (2)  1-1/2″ x 14-1/2″

2-F   (2)  1-1/2″ x 12-1/2″

Fabric #3 ~ Large Floral (lavender 5694-95 ; red 5694-32)

3-A   (3)  2-7/8″ squares

3-B   (2)  1-1/2″ squares

Fabric #4 ~ Flower Centers (lavender 5696-5 ; red 5696-2)

4-A   (4)  2-1/2″ squares

Fabric #5 ~ Light Green ( 5695-66)

5-A   (16)  1-1/2″ squares

Fabric #6 ~ Dark Green ( 5700-66)

6-A   (16)  1-1/2″ squares


STEP 1:  Sew half-square triangles combining the following pieces.  Make 2 from each pair of squares by drawing a diagonal line & sewing a 1/4″ seam on both sides of the line OR the BEST way ~


see www. to purchase


(1)   1-A  square with  (1)   2-A square

(3)   2-A squares with  (3)  3-A squares

STEP 2:  Sew flying geese units combining the following pieces.

(16)   1-F  with   (16)  5-A and   (16)  6-A   Make 8 flying geese with the dark green on the left & light green on the right.  Make the remaining 8 flying geese with the light green on the left & dark green on the right.

Enjoy sewing your Christmas Basket Bouquet!

ROMANCE fabric is in quilt shops now for you to enjoy.

Check out all of the other designers on the Henry Glass Blog Tour to see the beautiful projects they have for you.




 You will need to gather all the Secret Words from all the designers and list them on the Henry Glass website to be eligible for the great Giveaway Package from Henry Glass.

My Secret Word….


RULES:   To qualify to win the Grand Prizes from Henry Glass;
1.  Visit each blog this week (more designers will be posted each day through the 19th) and collect the key words from each designers blog.
2. Post the list of key words in a comment on the Henry Glass blog between Nov. 20 and Nov. 26.

For Day 4 of Blog Tour check out……..

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Henry Glass Designers Blog Hop

Fabric designers from Henry Glass are participating in a Holiday Blog Hop Nov. 13 – 19. Have fun visiting the blogs of the following designers ~

Jill Finley of Jillilly Studios

Jill Finley, Jillilly Studios





Kari Ramsay, Fresh Cut Quilts





Jacquelynne Steves, The Noble Wife  []












Mary Ellen Von Holt, Alice Berg, Sylvia Johnson, Little Quilts







Lucy Morey






Do you have a favorite holiday food?  There are so many that I can’t really pick a favorite. The turkey with stuffing, mashed potatoes with gravy, cranberries and lefse are not only the best meal, they are fabulous leftovers too.  HAM?  Not for Thanksgiving.  That just wouldn’t seem right to me.  But….my son’s friend always has pizza.  Well, must be his favorite.

Our family holiday tradition is going for a Hay Ride ~ Every other Thanksgiving (this year) we celebrate Christmas early at our home.  You know, sharing my Daughter and her family with the other Grandparents.  There are only nine of us, Grandma & Grandpa, our daughter Carren & her husband Chris with our four grandkids, and our son Jeb.  Of course our Newfie, McKenzie, will go with us on the Hayride.  We put some hay bales on our trailer and pull it with our four-wheeler through the woods, sing Christmas songs and goof around. Yeah, we have woods by our house.  We love it.

Our favorite holiday movie is ELF.  We are a family of movie-line-quoters.  It’s surprising how often you can fit a movie line into regular conversations.  In the movie ELF, when Buddy the Elf realizes the Santa at Gimbles Department Store isn’t the “real” Santa, he tells the child on Santa’s lap, “Don’t listen to him. He’s a fake.”  My Husband , Dave, was teasing one of our Grandson’s when our little 4 year-old granddaughter said to her brother, “Don’t listen to him. He’s a fake.”  Oh we laughed to hear her quoting movie lines already!  We loved it.

Must get to bed, but will be posting more Tuesday.

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